The home of Decentralized Philanthropy

philanthropy with incentives!

Turn philanthropy into an experience and earn tax-incentives, exclusive artwork from your favorite charities, on-chain rewards and much more content to come!

convert any token into a tax receipt!

Convert any digital asset into an accumulative on-chain representation of tax-deductable value! | our open-source nature means there is no limit to the onboarding of assets that can take place, simply submit a proposal to integrate/onboard!

earn yield on your tax-receipt!

By combining philanthropic contributions across our native ecosystems and integrated protocols into one DAO governed treasury were able to deploy self-insured high yield strategies. This allows our users to write off more tax than contributed!

inclusive, transparent & community governed!

Our protocols are almost entirely open-source and fully transparent through on-chain explorers. The community manages these protocols through use of the worlds first Twin Fair Leveraged Governance system that allows users to leverage their vote share by actively utilising the protocols and punishes those who dont! the inclusive nature of this design means that even without $SUB users of the protocol will maintain some governance rights!

ui example coming soon!